Irrigation Drip System - Great for shrub beds, trees, & water conservation!

A drip irrigation system directly waters plants or a tree base by seeping into the roots, and conserves water by watering only each individual item.

This system is beneficial in watering individual plants in a flower garden or a hedge line of bushes.  Drip irrigation systems operate at a low pressure, instead of spraying the water over a wide area.  Because of the low pressure system, a high pressure pump is not needed.

This system will let it slowly drip out of emitter holes in the tubing. Plants receive a much steadier water supply, and less water is wasted!
Drip irrigation is concealed at the base of your plantings.  Usually on or below the mulch.  Provides excellent water conservation!
Rain & Soil Moisture Sensors

Rain sensor:  A single device that measure the amount of rain fall.  During times of rainfall the sensor can detect sufficient amounts of water and will disable the entire scheduled irrigation system run time. 

Soil Moisture Sensor:  A device that is calibrated to the water needs of specific plantings.  Unlike a rain sensor, multiple soil moisture sensors can be utilized to control the irrigation run times of different planting areas.

Rain sensors are a required device on all irrigation systems.  Although it is a great way to conserve water, the soil moisture sensor has more control over the specific water requirements for individual plantings. In return it will allow more control over your water bill savings.
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                  Landscape Services

Have a professional come out to evaluate, discuss, and review options for your dream surroundings. We can design around existing plantings or add a whole new look.  From  stone accents with a large selection of premier stone to flowers, trees, hedges, and shrubs. 
Irrigation Installation                                              
Install an expertly designed system that is not only functional, but will conservatively utilize all water being used.  From rain and soil moisture sensors, to drip irrigation around established or new plantings, we wont waste your water or money. 

With industry leading practices, and a written guarantee you can trust,  our design will be tailored to providing your sod and surrounding landscape everything it needs to be its best.

Irrigation will give your lawn and garden a healthy appearance and you will see fewer lawn diseases and pests from not over- or under watering. 

From simple additions to elaborate layouts we have every angle covered at a cost that is right for you.

Servicing & Repair

We at 360 believe in customer service and know that your time is valuable.  Our expert knowledge will ensure that we work quickly, so you may return to your day. 
Complete System Checks

Sometimes your system can run poorly due to small oversights such as clogs or adjustments needed.  You will start to see the effects of this over time. 

Our professionals will come out and run through your entire system, providing a complete diagnosis. 

This can save you time and money by catching repairs early.
Pump Repair

Our pump repair provides servicing to the many well, and irrigation/sprinkler pumps.  With our troubleshooting steps, sometimes a new pump is not always the case.  Have your pump inspected before buying a new one. 


Having issues with standing water in your yard, Flooding around your homes foundation or pooling and puddling around flower beds?

We will evaluate the water and determine a solution that will move the water away from your home and out of the yard.